Cataracts and photography

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Jan 3, 2014
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I was already a prescription glasses wearer when I started suffering from cataract. The new lenses have the same prescription as whatever my eyesight was that required me to wear glasses. But the lenses are so good, I can get away with wearing standard off the shelf non-prescription sunglasses. I can basically spot stars in the sky without needing to wear glasses. I can also work on my laptop or a PC without reading glasses as long as my eyes are at least 40cm away. I can manage reading my 5" phone screen from about 20cm without reading glasses.
After the operation I stuck to staying indoors, mostly in bed, for two solid weeks. When I did eventually go out, I wore dark sunglasses for more than a month, before switching to transition lenses. I had a six months break between operations. The pain in the eyeballs lasted for more than a year.
I developed some fogging in my eyes, which meant another visit to the specialist to get those cleared out with a laser. That left me with a couple of black spots, called floaters, inside my eyeballs. They can be distracting at times, especially since they move about over time.
I'm curious and sad to hear about your pain, as most folks I know who have had cataract surgery have very little -- I didn't even take anything for mine. Did you have extenuating circumstances? Glad to hear it's all sorted, now. And yeah, those black spec floaters are annoying, I'm always thinking some spider has come into my view. ;)

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Apr 3, 2017
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You just had them removed? With no replacement?

I'm interested in hearing what type of lens replacements people have had. Especially those who don't need to wear glasses now and can drive at night.

I use glasses for some activities but not for photography and not for driving.
If cataract surgery will mean wearing glasses more and/or restrictions on driving then there's no point in having the cataract removed (one eye, currently).
Lenses were replaced with "no corrections" as my distance vision was always very good. Night vision hugely improved along with color accuracy. No pain but just the slightest of discomfort for a week or so. I now can use "plano" high quality polarized sun glasses for outdoors, but still use "readers" for up close, which is just fine for me. :thumbup:


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Aug 18, 2020
I realize the replacement lenses are typically custom fit based on eye measurements.
But there are many type of lenses to choose from - I think four.

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Dec 27, 2016
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My experience with cataracts has been different. I have been truely blessed with wonderful vision. I didn't start wearing reading glasses till 50+. I often read the newspaper, with a bit of gifficulty, without glasses. My distance vision has been remarkable. TRUELY BLESSED with fine vision.
A few years ago our eye doc (and a surgeon) started in about doing cataract surgery. I didn't think it was necessary. After a couple of years he was a bit more assertive. I went to another doc strictly for a second opinion. She said probably wait about four years. About 18 months ago I had severe pains in one eye. Ended up going to yet another different doc- problem was just dry eye, which cleared up very quickly. I asked about surgery as an afterthought. She also said she didn't see any need for it.
I still don't feel any real need for surgery so it hasn't been done.
So, for all this talk my council is to get a second opinion, if you haven't already done so. Ask all the questions you need to. I'm sure you've spoken with dozens of friends and family members who have been there- done that and are thrilled with their results. Get comfortable with your need to have it done...then be a cowboy.
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