Case Logic 303 + GX1 Review!

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    Mar 14, 2013

    Thought of sharing this:

    Like many others I have searched high and low for the perfect camera bag.
    Sadly, it does not exist :smile:

    However - The other week I found a great small bag for my GX1.

    It's called Case Logic 303K and it is the perfect size for carrying the GX1 + 25 F1.4 PanaLeica lens attached (also works with the Pana 14-45 'old' kit lens but is slightly tighter. But definitely fits well).

    It is nicely padded, has a small internal pocket (for memory cards) and another inner slot (which is useless if you insert GX1+14-45/25F1.4, but can easily accommodate a typical smartphone if you insert a GX1+14-42 PZ lens or one of the small primes (14mmF2.5 / 20mmF1.7).

    The side pockets are large enough for small items like a battery (more then one is real squeeze. better off putting one in each side otherwise the inner space is compensated).

    In the attached photos I show how you can easily put an extra 14-42 PZ lens on top of the camera (careful when taking stuff out).

    It is also large enough for the EM5+partial grip+14-42 PZ, but it will be a tight fit.

    I added photos for the above including a size comparison of the GX1/EM5+partial grip. Not at all the same size - that viewfinder hump on the EM5 makes things more complicated...

    I also showed just how small the size pockets are - you won't be able to insert the 14-42 PZ or 20mm F1.7 into those pockets.

    Sadly, I am yet to find a similar bag to fit the EM5+Partial Grip+25 F1.4 etc. while being as small as possible.

    The next sizes are more camcorder style bags (the CaseLogic 304 is a very tight fit and I wouldn't recommend it, the CaseLogic 305 works well but is a much larger and wider bag, though still relatively small.)

    If anyone found something similar for my needs please leave me a line.



    CASE_LOGIC_303 (1).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (2).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (3).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (4).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (5).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (6).JPG

    CASE_LOGIC_303 (7).JPG

    EM5_GX1 (1)_.jpg
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