Canon Pixma PRO-100 printer + extras for $88 after rebate [US only]

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    This looks like a great price on a well-reviewed Canon wireless inkjet photo printer from It's bundled with a 50-pack of Canon 13" x 19" semi-gloss paper (~$38 value) and a Lexar 16GB flash drive (~$8 value). Up-front cost is $388 with free shipping in the US (sales tax charged for New Jersey residents only). There is a $300 rebate which brings the final cost down to $88.

    I haven't used this printer, but I've had good experiences with Canon printers in general. This product seems to be well reviewed. Note that this printer uses dye-based inks. The upside of dye-based inks is that they are less likely than pigment-based inks to clog the jets when the printer is not used regularly and they provide marginally more saturation. The downside of dye-based inks is that the prints will fade more quickly as compared to those from pigment-based devices, although Canon claims a 100 year life from their latest dye inks.

    Some reviews:
    [hat tip to Slickdeals]
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    Aug 8, 2012
    Looks like it's gone. :-(
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    Apr 18, 2012
    Still available at Adorama.
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    Yeah, all the major camera retailers have almost as good deals going on, even if they aren't bundling a couple of trinkets the going rate is still about $90 for printer/paper after the rebate. I did 2 of these rebates, 2nd one was just approved and is pending long as they are different specific promotion codes (the major retailers each have their own - bh, adorama, buydig, amazon and probably a few others, while smaller ones like cameta share a joint promotion code). I strongly advise sending priority mail - sent both of mine, they were entered in the system in a week, approved the next, and the first one arrived at the end of the 3rd week - given the same progress with my 2nd rebate I'm expecting a second $300 card back sometime next week.

    BTW the printer is great, finally set it up today and did a couple of test prints, never done anything this big at home before and I'm pretty satisfied!
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    These deals do come around from time to time. I got the predecessor printer (9000 mk 2) for $150 last spring. The 9000 is a great printer, and the 100 has a few improvements (ink set works better for B&W, for example). Also keep an eye out, Canon has had some great deals on photo paper.
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    Jan 19, 2010
    The deal above does also include 50 sheets of 13x19 paper, which runs close to$50 on its own!