Canon Fd aperture stuck? maybe not

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    On ebay or others classifieds websites, you can often see a lot of Canon FD with aperture stuck which are cheaper because of that. I found out that it's not necessarily the case.

    A few weeks ago, I bought 2 canon fd lenses, one is 100 m f2.8 s.s.c and the other one is a 50 mm f1.4 s.s.c, both for 55$, (the seller asked me 10$ for the the 50mm which had the aperture ring not working) I thought for 10 dollars it was worth the disassembly.

    After I disassembled the lens I found that the aperture worked properly and had no oil on the blades, so I said to my self the problem is probably in the mount. After spending hours scratching my head to re assembly the lens (the front part), I have disassembled the canon fd breech lock on the back. And there I found that the "control ring of the aperture" was inverted, so I put it back to normal and now the lens works properly. So glad I spent 10$ on this for a lens around 100$ on ebay!

    Thought I could share my experience for those who are looking for canon fd lenses.

    You can follow my steps here:
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    That is very handy to know information - thank you :smile: