Showcase Canon 200mm f4 newFD

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    this little lens is among the most compact 200mm f4 lenses around. It is actually different to the earlier 200mm f4 as it focuses by IF (Inner Focus) methods (now more or less common in AF lenses) and does not extend during focus (as does the older version).

    It weighs in nicely at 440g

    Among my first ever shots with this lens was this one


    the lens is actually a nice size on a EVF body


    it is not much longer than the native 45-200 Panasonic lens even when on an adapter.

    but of course the Pana lens extends when zooming to 200mm making it similar in length

    The 200mm f4 has higher transmission than the Pana, so even though you set both to f5.6 (which is as wide open as the 45-200 gets) it transmits an extra 1.5 or so stops (meaning higher shutter for the same other settings).

    The lens has an integrated lens hood which can slide out when the lens cap is removed

    Some other shots (all taken at f4)


    My observation is that its a wee bit "soft" at f4 when compared to modern lenses but at f5.6 is very sweet.

    At $50~60 for good examples its a great lens for those who are wondering about "will I use a telephoto" and can take some great shots.

    one of my favorites is this one

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    Hey that looks great, I have a 135mm fd and was thinking about this 200mm to get a little more reach. How do you find this lens to be without image stabilization? I know it'd be fine with a tripod, just not sure about hand held. Thanks.
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    all these shots are hand held with no stabilisation.

    Sorry I didn't see this till now but if you'd quoted me I'd have got a notification (like you may be getting)

    Another shot hand held in lowish light.

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