Canada - More Black Friday Pre Release Lens Discounts

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    Here is some more Canadian Black Friday Pre Release Sales info for various lenses at Henry's Camera - there are some pretty decent deals in here, so thought I would post these for you. (in addition, I deal with a very helpful sales guy at one of the Toronto locations, so if you want his contact info feel free to PM me.) By the way, I'm not affiliated with Henry's in any way, and don't get anything out of this, but some of you have helped me find good deals and people to deal with in the past so I just want to return the favour :>)

    Here is the main lens sale link:^OLYMPUS^On+Sale,#283^On+Sale

    Here are also some specific lens deals that I thought were especially interesting (for instance, that 75mm for Can $749.99, which apparently is available in both silver AND black):

    Olympus 75mm in both silver and black - Can $749.99

    Olympus 40-150mm in both silver and black - Can $119.99

    Olympus 17mm 2.8 in both silver and black - Can $219.99

    as previously mentioned, there are other lenses, etc. on sale, but hope you find this post helpful! Happy shopping! :smile:
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    May 26, 2011
    Wow, the 75mm is a great deal.
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    Mike Aubrey
    I'm not sure I approve of Black Friday sales happening in Canada...
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    LOL, all the benefits of Black Friday sales, with none of the turkey hangover. :wink:
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    Oh, and we also have Cyber Monday, and another Thanksgiving that happens before yours, so as you can see it's a win-win all the way around.:wink:
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    Ok, weird. The MU43 system is now duplicating all my posts - and I can edit them, but not delete them (at least for the moment)...but now that I think of it, that once again kind of reminds me of our multiple Thanksgiving holidays :wink: Seriously, though, I will remove this duplicate message at some point if that's possible. In the meantime, please enjoy my same boring witticism twice (lol)

    Oh, and we also have Cyber Monday, and another Thanksgiving that happens before yours, so as you can see it's a win-win all the way around.:wink:
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    Does anybody know if Olympus America honors warranties for items purchased in Canada? And can anybody share their experiences purchasing with Henry's? I usually buy local or with B&H.


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    This (Sept. 2012) from B&H may help- sounds like it is covered, but perhaps best to hear that directly from Olympus:


    Generally speaking: For product sold out side the United States, please check with the manufacturer locally, to see if they will honor the USA warranty. This is entirely up to the discretion of the manufacture in question and out of the control of B&H.

    All "USA" warranted items may be repaired in any manufacturer's authorized service facility world-wide if the item required in-warranty service. B&H can not stamp warranty cards as "international" nor offer a world wide option.

    The "Direct Import" or Grey Market item would have to be returned to B&H Photo-Video Corp. in New York City if it required in-warranty attention.

    B&H offers SageMax Protection Plans which will cover qualifying products worldwide. An items corresponding plan will be listed on its product page on our site.

    The SageMax Protection Plans main advantage over extending the manufacturers warranty is coverage for ADH or (Accidental Damage and Handling), normal wear & tear and failure due to environmental factors.

    Olympus is the only company I know that offers a worldwide warranty for their products when purchased from an authorized dealer such as B&H.
    Thank you, we appreciate your business.

    C h u c k C a p r i o l a
    B&H Live Chat and E-Mail Sales Manager
    Please E-mail me if you have any additional questions.
    mailto:[email protected]"

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