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    I thought it might be interesting to see what settings we use on our cameras – what programme we usually set and functions assigned to buttons etc. We may find new ones that could improve our workflow. Here are mine:

    Programme: normally on ‘P’. ISO: 400.
    Picture mode: ‘Monotone’ (Contrast +1, Sharpness +1, Yellow Filter, Tone Neutral).
    Function Button: Colour (2 – Vivid).
    Info Button: Image Only. LV-info: Image only, Zoom and 9-square grid.
    White balance: - 0.3.
    Metering: Centre spot. AEL – Auto.
    Auto Focus: Centre spot


    Programme: normally on ‘P’. ISO: 400
    Picture mode: Colour (2 – Vivid).
    Function button: Monotone (settings as for E-P1)
    Info button: Image only. LV info: Image only and 9 – square grid.
    Record button: AEL/AFL (Memo ON).
    White balance: - 0.3.
    Metering: Centre spot.
    Auto focus: Centre spot.

    I also use the 'Art Filter' mode occasionally (especially Grainy B&W to replicate my beloved Tri-X)

    I’ve found these settings work for me most of the time – obviously they need tweaking according to conditions. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other people are using – and why.
    May I suggest that somebody with Panasonic cameras start a similar thread?
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    Sep 5, 2010
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    Brian Ronald
    Programme: normally on ‘P’. ISO: 200, 800 in evening. Use A with manual lens, M with flash. iAuto when handing to friends.
    Picture mode: ‘Vivid’ or ‘Monotone’ (Often Red Filter, Neutral).
    Function Button: Always changing this annoying thing. DoF preview, one-touch white balance usually, screen blank and face detect sometimes.
    Info Button: Image Only. LV-info: Image only, Spirit level, Zoom and histogram.
    White balance: usually auto, manual when indoors.
    Metering: Full frame. AEL – on half shutter.
    Auto Focus: Centre spot
    Focus mode: Manual, with lock button set to SAF.
    Focus ring direction reversed. Black wheel set to aperture, silver set to shutter, +/- button pretty much wasted.