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Camera of the Year 2012 at Dpreview

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by YouDidntDidYou, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. YouDidntDidYou

    YouDidntDidYou Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 18, 2012
  2. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    It's only about 50 votes behind :) .
  3. zapatista

    zapatista Mu-43 Top Veteran Subscribing Member

    Mar 19, 2012
    Albuquerque, NM
    Mike Barber
    Yes, It's time to rally the troops and vote for the RX100. :p 
  4. Adubo

    Adubo SithLord Subscribing Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    If i could, id vote for the RX1. Compact camera with a 35mm sensor. Thats as good as it gets. (i dont mind the fixed lens)

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  5. Mikefellh

    Mikefellh Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 7, 2012
    Toronto, Canada
    But the E-M5 has come up with NEW innovations that haven't existed before!

    5-axis IBIS, Live Bulb/Time. It's not just another M4/3 in a new body style.

    The E-M5 deserves to win, certainy compared to the Nikon.
  6. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    I'd have to agree. The D800, though perhaps a fantastic camera, is not that innovative outside of pixel count, AFAIK.

    RX100 and OMD were the two top choices for me, but I went with the OMD just because it's such a complete package. The RX1 would be third on my list, just because I'd like a FF mirrorless.
  7. d2mini

    d2mini Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 21, 2012
    Fulshear, TX
    Both fantastic cameras and deserving of the win. I have both and they both have their place.
  8. IMO, a poll to determine the "Camera of the Year" renders both the poll and report kinda pointless. Its a popularity contest not necessarily driven by impact to the market or innovation.

    I agree, the OMD should win. Not because I have one but because its nothing like cameras prior. DSLRs are based on a decades old design that was successfully brought into the digital era... but it is still a decades old design.
  9. Promit

    Promit Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jun 6, 2011
    Baltimore, MD
    Promit Roy
    Honestly there's easily half a dozen incredible cameras on that list. It's been a banner year.
  10. YouDidntDidYou

    YouDidntDidYou Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 18, 2012
    current voting dpreview's camera of the year

  11. dhazeghi

    dhazeghi Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Aug 6, 2010
    San Jose, CA
    It has a couple of unusual features, but for the most part, that's exactly what it is, and why it's been rather successful. Refinement is very important. Revolutionary doesn't matter if the product doesn't work smoothly (see Sigma's DP series).
  12. sam_m

    sam_m Mu-43 Regular

    Jul 26, 2010
    For me the OMD has set the bar for a high end smaller camera, absolutely outstanding bit of kit, and its not just IQ which has hit a new high, the IBIS is outstanding, and for the first time I tried out the live bulb mode recently and wow what a superb feature!!!
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  13. Bravin Neff

    Bravin Neff Mu-43 Veteran

    Sep 25, 2011
    Bravin Neff
    If not the the OM-D, then certainly the D800. The D800 is a game changer for DSLR's.
  14. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    In what way, other than high MPs?
  15. The Minimalist

    The Minimalist Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 19, 2011
    Added my vote for the OMD, it is now .2% ahead :thumbup:.
  16. lenshoarder

    lenshoarder Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 7, 2010
    I can't believe that the RX1 isn't leading the way. That camera is a true revolution.
  17. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    Hmmmm... I think I understand what you are saying, in that it's the first mirrorless FF that isn't called Leica, but it still doesn't have as much innovation as the OMD, IMO. Also, perhaps if the RX1 had come out before the X100, it would have looked more revolutionary???
  18. Al.

    Al. Mu-43 Veteran

    Jul 3, 2010
    Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
    Bit of a pointless exercise IMO, anyone who has invested in a particular camera is going to vote for that one, wether it's inovative or not, surely global sales should be the deciding factor. Or an independant panel.
  19. arentol

    arentol Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 29, 2012
    Actually it really isn't.

    It is essentially just a 35mm fixed focal length lens camera from the film age with the film replaced with a digital sensor. The other features it has in terms of digital capabilities are really no different than some other digital camera in its price range. So while it may be awesome, it isn't revolutionary.

    The E-M5 on the other hand....

    5-axis IBIS is revolutionary because of what it does for video. For stills its capabilities are matched by optical IS systems, so it isn't adding that much to stills. But for video it provides the steadiness of a low to medium end steadicam rig, and it actually does things on the fly that those require special attachments and pre-planning to achieve. For instance, you can lift it upward, right, and forward while also angling it downward and to the left to keep the same subject at the center of the shot, and it will be smooth as silk the whole way. With a steadicam you would need an attachment to help you raise it and twist it downward to the left, or you would need a ladder, and need to make sure the ladder doesn't end up in the shot. Either way, you would need to heavily pre-plan the shot.

    The Live-Bulb feature is revolutionary as well. Nobody did it before and for any form of long-exposure shot, even one that is only expected to be about 5 seconds long, it makes nailing the look you want WAY easier. Definitely revolutionary.

    That being said, being revolutionary doesn't necessarily make a camera the best. Since we all look for different things in a camera the best for one person isn't the same as the best for another. The RX1 is great, but it isn't really offering much that I couldn't do with a used 5d2 and 35L, which would cost about the same and let me get more lenses later if I want. So to me, it is nice, but not the best, and a lot of people feel similarly I think.
  20. lenshoarder

    lenshoarder Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 7, 2010
    For me, I never saw the OMD has revolutionary. I see it as retro evolutionary. It was just this years improved PEN with an EVF builtin.
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