Calibrating the E-M5iii EVF?


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Oct 7, 2012
Does anyone have any experience calibrating the EVF on Olympus (or any other cameras)? My E-M5iii EVF seems quite "bright" in exposure compared to what my eyes are seeing. I am relying on the histogram (although I do miss zebras when shooting video) but it would be nice to get the EVF closer to what the real scene looks like.


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Apr 24, 2018
SF Bay Area, California, USA
Kinda depends on the lighting conditions and how you configured the EVF.

I have my EVF configured to show me the effects of the exposure, so I can do real time adjustments of the exposure.
You can also configure the EVF to NOT reflect the exposure.

I once thought the same, that the EVF was bright. When I shot basketball with my EM1 and my dSLR, the viewfinder of the EM1 was BRIGHTER than the dSLR.
Then I realized that the gym was DIM. duh. The brighter EVF was simply showing the image as how the camera would properly expose the scene, rather than reflecting how dim the gym was. If I lowered the exposure, to be similar to what my eyes saw, I would be underexposing the image.

Outside in the sun, the EVF seems just fine.
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