Cactus V6 and Cactus RF60


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Jul 23, 2012
Anybody who has used these on their mu-43 cameras?

Any feedback?



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Dec 18, 2011
Amherst, NY
I am thinking of getting the V6s. And would love to hear others' experiences with it.

I am coming from Pocket Wizards (which doesnt support MU43 nor Sony A7 family)


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Jan 13, 2012
San Diego, CA
I have no experience, but I think most of the "brand agnostic" claims are basically that you can mix'n'match Canon/Nikon/Pentax flash gear and still control the power level with the V6s. However, when it comes to mft, the story's a little different from what I can dig up.

From Cactus's FAQ on the V6s:

Does the V6 support M43 and mirrorless cameras (Olympus / Panasonic)?
Hi superod, currently the V6 does not support TTL flash systems other
than Canon, Nikon and Pentax - that is, for remote power control. So
your Metz unit is running on Olympus / Panasonic TTL system, so the V6
cannot controls its power.

If you have a Olympus / Panasonic
camera, you may however mount the Metz on the V6 Transmitter unit and it
will support TTL pass through. You'll have to stick to the same
system, so in case you are wondering about your Fuji X-E1, it won't do
TTL pass through across different systems.

Last but not least, TTL functions are not available even if you have a flash that runs on Canon, Nikon and Pentax TTL because all that the V6 Receiver does is talking to the flash in terms of how long each flash is fired in producing a specific power output. So the V6 does not enable any TTL function of the flash.
Antonio Lao
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From a dpreview thread, BarnabyJones posted

For those of you who were eyeing these potentially awesome flash triggers, they do not as of currently work particularly well with the E-M1.

TTL pass-through does not work with the FL-600R or the Metz 58 AF-2 (for Olympus/Pana)

Flash profiling also is not available for these two flashes. I'm pretty sure if I stuck 2 Nikon sb-700 it would probably work (currently untested); however, what's the point if the ttl pass through is non-functional?

Additionally, attempting to trigger these 2 flashes wirelessly through the triggers does not work. Manual power adjustment is also non-functional. Flashes without profile or the inability to create a profile are incompatible with the system.

If any other owners have had better success, I'd be very much interested to hear from you, but from my own experience they do not work.

Damn shame. These would have been otherwise a fantastic wireless flash solution. Great ergonomics, simple menu system and a great deal of potential for use with older flashes.

Hope I'm wrong and someone else has first-hand information to the contrary.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like they're using the quench pin signal to control power output. The Canon/Nikon/Pentax hotshoe protocols are still backwards-compatible enough with film-era gear to use some analog signaling. The 4/3 hotshoe protocol, otoh, as I understand it is completely digital and does not use a quench pin, but rather digital signals on the pins, so it could be that remote power control with the V6 triggers is completely incompatible with 4/3 (m4/3) flash gear. But that's just a guess.

If all you want is remote power control, then maybe the YN-560iii and YN-560-TX or the Godox flashes & triggers will do what you need.


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Dec 4, 2012
I have a pair of Cactus V6 triggers, an E-M5, and a Nikon SB800. With one V6 unit on the E-M5 in Tx mode, SB800 (set to TTL) on the other V6 in Rx mode, I've been able to successfully remotely fire the flash and also remotely adjust the flash power.


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Dec 5, 2013
FT-generation flashes now supported.

As per the V6 now supports older Olympus and Panasonic flash heads.

Apparently, the likes of the FL-600R and DMW-FL580 aren't supported because the quench pin is either different, or operates differently.

Any opinions on the following:

  1. Buy V6 and accompanying RF60?
  2. Buy FL-50Rs and a V6 for each?
Don't know if I want RC as a fall back, or if I want remote zoom functionality.


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Dec 13, 2014
Princeton, NJ
I've mentioned my recent trials and tribulations with V6s and E-M1 triggering in a few other threads. In short, I purchased an IC12 LED light cube because I like it's battery life and zero recycle time. I also purchased a set of V6s to trigger the cube, thinking I'd put an FL600R on the transmitter for TTL passthrough. Problem was that despite the claim to work with pretty much any system with a hot shoe, and specifically mentioning Olympus and Panasonic, I couldn't get the cube to fire beyond a test button triggering.

I immediately thought it was a firmware issue and went to update and was shocked to see they didn't offer a mac version updater, but had been working on one since July... anyway, I spent all week going round and round with Cactus CSRs and finally was sent a beta version last night and it solved the issue.
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