Brief comparison of Lumix 14mm/Computar 12.5mm

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    I recently purchased a Lumix 14mm and thought I would do a little comparison at comparable low apertures: around f2.5. This is approximate in that the Computar lens has continuous manual f-stops. All shots using Center-Weighted metering at 1/40 sec.

    FOV is as noted below. Computar is a fun lens with good center sharpness. Compared to the Lumix, I was surprised that the background is less OOF than the Computar, at same f-stop - even though the latter is a wider lens.

    Any other thoughts??

    Here is the Lumix shot:

    View attachment 173681

    Uncropped Computar. Note: Vignetting and strong blue fringing around bright edges.

    View attachment 173682

    4/3 Cropped Computar. Note: I estimate useable field of view equiv. to 15-16mm lens.

    View attachment 173683

    16/9 Cropped Computar. Note: comparable useable horizontal FOV to the Lumix 14mm.

    View attachment 173684
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    Thanks Tom, nice comparison. I really like that little Computar lens, especially in 16:9 or 1:1 format. Of course, sharpness does fall off a bit more toward the corners, but for a fraction of the price of the 14/2.5 you get a lens that is usable (at least for my modest purposes). I am sometimes using it with a WCON-08 Nikon wide angle adapter, and that brings the cropped and usable FOV to just a touch under 14mm and is a bit faster than the other options. The other wide c-mount I really like is the Fujinon 12.5/1.4(?), nice colors and I have seen it modified to show less vignetting. Unfortunately, adding a wide angle converter increases the vignetting quite a bit.