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  1. I picked up my first grown-up camera this week, an E-PL6. It is a camera I need to take time to learn (which is one of the reasons I got it). I'm working through the manual, but I'm looking for a good book.

    David Busch's books were recommended to me, but he doesn't seem to have one specific to the PL6, or the almost identical PL5.

    He has books out on the E-5 and the E-P2. Question is: which of these are the most similar to the PL6 in basic functionality and (mostly) the menu system? Would either of these be useful in learning the PL6?

    I get the fundamentals of photography, I actually had a fully manual 35mm as a teenager that I got OK good at. I'm mostly looking for something to help me tame the technology right now ...
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    You might want to look for something about the E-pl7. That is probably the closest. Also, the menu system and operation are virtually the same in terms of menu options and such as their other cameras. On my website I have a blog post that goes over all the menu items. You can ignore any options that are not relevant, while a lot of the rest is.

    Custom Menu Step by Step
  3. Thanks so much Tony. I went through those videos and they were exactly the jump start I needed. Like you said, there were some options there not on my camera, but there was mostly overlap, and the features I have mapped to yours pretty exactly. I have that super control panel up now and am much farther down the road than I was this morning.

    I usually don't like learning from videos, it takes longer than reading and there is usually too much fluff. But I appreciated that yours got right to the point and were efficient, and I could follow along on my camera.

    So, done deal, I don't need a book at this point. Anyways, UPS brought me one on Lightroom this afternoon that I can work through now ...
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    No problem. Glad it helped.
  5. I grabbed your Unlocking Olympus e-book the other day two. Was funny, I was searching for Lightroom presets and when I looked into one of the first Google hits ... I realized it was you :) So was happy to buy your book while I was there.

    Between Lightroom and the camera itself I've been reading and learning and experimenting, but not been out to take any real pictures! This weekend will be some nice outdoor photo time and create a pile to wade through.

    Just figured out I don't have a l-fn button. Just a couple more discoveries like that and I'll be comfortable :)