BLS-5 Replacement Battery

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    I found an eBay seller offering BLS-5 replacement batteries claimed to be fully compatible with the original Olympus battery and charger. The batteries have four contacts and are said to contain the microchip that prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.

    I ordered one and it arrived a week later for a total of $7.07, including California sales tax and shipping. It charged in about an hour and powered my E-PL2 right up. It seems to be exactly the same size as the Olympus battery, fitting perfectly in the camera and charger.

    Unless I start using my camera for extended periods, I probably won't be able to notice any capacity difference. The Olympus BLS-5 is rated at 1150 mAh. The replacement says 1300 mAh. One of the reasons I picked this particular battery was because competitive eBay offerings touted what I thought were unrealistically high capacity ratings. And as I recall, this was the only battery that claimed 100% compatibility.

    The eBay seller is power-hut and the battery brand is MaximalPower. The battery came in a consumer blister pack with instructions and a customer service e-mail address. The seller offers a 30-day return policy. See the eBay listing for details. MaximalPower offers a 3-year warranty, but the processing and service charge is $5.95. My attitude was that if the battery arrived and didn't work, for $7 I wasn't going to worry about it.

    I'll post a followup message if I have anything more to report.


    P.S. I forgot to mention that the eBay listing said the battery cells are made in Japan. So does the battery label. But my battery had a "Cells made in China" stick-on.
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    I have a Maximal Power BLS-1 battery that I find just as good as OEM.

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    I generally go with Wasabi Power for offbrand batteries.