BLS-1 and BLS-5 Batteries for E-P3

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by gochugogi, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. gochugogi

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    I had a difficult time buying the OEM battery for my 18-month old E-P3, the BLS-1. I found a few OEM BLS-1 but selling for absorbent prices and I suspect were old stock. Apparently the BLS-1 battery and its charger (BCS-1) are being phased out due to a Japanese law banning trickle charging (the low power topping off at the end of the charge cycle). So I bought a Sterlingtrek BLS-1 clone but, unfortunately, it shorted out within a week and nearly fried my camera (and hand!). After a little googling I found out the newer BLS-5 battery is interchangeable with the BLS-1, the main difference being the BLS-5 has an extra contact only used by the charger. Unfortunately it requires a charger with the 4th contact, the Olympus BCS-5 Battery Charger for BLS-5 Battery, so I was forced to buy a new charger as well. Luckily, the Amazon prices were pretty good for both items, about the same price as buying a single old stock BLS-1.

    Not much to say other than the BLS-5 charged up fine in the Olympus BCS-5 Battery Charger and worked perfectly in my E-P3 as expected, yielding about 300 images per charge. But what a relief after the overheating Sterlingtrek BLS-1! Although the instructions warn the Olympus BCS-5 Battery Charger is only for the BLS-5 battery, my BLS-1 battery seems to charge fine in it. Glad I don't have to carry two chargers...

    I'm guessing most Olympus shooters here already know about the BLS-1/BLS-5 thing, but I wish Olympus made this information more obvious in their manual and battery descriptions.
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    I interchange my BLS-1 and BLS-5 batteries and chargers both ways. BLS-1 batteries in the BLS-5 charger or BLS-5 batteries in the BLS-1 charger. Never had a problem either way.
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    Doug Green
    The fact is, Olympus' user's manuals claim that the BLS-1 and BLS-5 chargers and batteries are not interchangeable - but in real life, they interoperate perfectly well. I have never had an issue using either genuine Olympus or clone batteries (Halcyons that claim to be BLS-1 clones, and have only 3 pins) on either charger, or either Olympus battery on both their own or an aftermarket (Halcyon) charger which claims to be a BLS-1 compatible
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    Wish I knew the BLS-1/BLS-5 batteries and chargers were interchangeable before I bought the extra charger but I suppose a backup charger isn't a bad thing. Lots of conflicting information on the net about this subject.

    I've owned a lot of clone batteries for my other cameras but this Sterlingtrek is the first one with a major defect (short/overheating). However at the same time I also bought a Sterlingtrek LP-E6 for my 5D MKII and, while not dangerous, wouldn't hold a charge more than a few days. My prior Sterlingtrek batteries were fine but it seems they're having a run on QC.
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    Battery blew up!:eek: I had a clone go bad but it simply wouldn't charge back up.
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    "Blew up" is stretching things. It got really hot and swelled up a little making it difficult to remove. However my iPod Nano exploded while charging a couple years back.
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    I bought a Wasabi Power BLS5, works better than my Oly BLS1. You might want to give them a shot.
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    Thanks, I'm probably good with two batteries but love Wasabi on my ahi sashimi so I'll keep it on my wish list just in case. :biggrin: