Blow Up3, large printing on glass anybody?


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Oct 28, 2013

I'm in the process of experimenting with different types of print output and having great fun doing so..

I want to get this image printed :
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"The Kite"
by tom.ohle, on Flickr

This time I want to print in colour but want to achieve a similar output 'gloss' to what I see onscreen with my retina macbook pro (my other monitor is on the blink at the moment).

I want the red of the kite to stand out while maintaining the gentle colour balance and transitions of the background.

Test prints on glossy paper have worked really well - but obviously I don't have the hardware to test on glass.The test prints for glossy were done with output sharpening set for glossy paper and a slight bump in vibrancy to compensate for the retina macbook pro's screen being glossy itself (but color calibrated). This was really just stab in the dark guesswork on my part at the level of output sharpening and vibrancy that would be required for glass print.

I'm about to order one or two small test prints to see how they turn out with these guys -

Has anybody used these guys before or printed to glass?

Any advice on output sharpening, colour saturation, tonality for print on glass? I'd really appreciate your advice.

Ultimately I have a wall space where I want this printed 21.1" X 28.8" - total shipping and cost of print would be close to 200 dollars so I want to nail the output before I place an order.
BTW I've found that Blow Up 3 works miracles with the output from the E-M1 for large format printing... great piece of software that is worth trying :)


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