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    This charming small Warbler once migrated South for the Winter but small numbers are now overwintering. They have one of the most beautiful of songs in the breeding season but are difficult to see because they spend most of their time in dense thickets. Fortunately, although the numbers are very small, they are easier to spot in Winter as they come into gardens to feed. This is the male, the female has a brown cap.

    Taken through a dirty window against the sun with E-M5 and Canon EF 400mm f5.6L - Manual focus


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    Mar 19, 2012
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    David, I think I know where South is, but south of where?
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    Sorry - UK. Now added details.

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    We have lots of these around - they come very readily to our feeder in the winter. Nicely captured. :thumbup:
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    The bird pictured is Sylvia atricapilla, strictly an old world species so whatever you are seeing in the States is not this species. Our wintering individuals in the UK are from a population that summers in the Black Forest in Germany and migrates north west for the winter, determined by ringing (banding in the States).

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    Nice work! Congratulations!