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    I have moved to a new area in the city of Xela, Guatemala over the weekend - and everything is different - new visual stimulation to my eyes.

    My daily photography ritual continues with me heading out to the streets early at 6:00 AM, in the freezing cold. Here are a few Black and White Street Images from this morning:

    Image #1

    Image #2

    Image #3

    Image #1 - At 6:30 A.M. school kids were packing the buses at the Rotunda. I watched as probably 50 people tried squeezing into this van. Several didn't make it for obvious reasons. Then it took off at high speeds into the city, on the busy 4 lane street, and I froze this shot as the bus wizzed by me. The guy straddling the wheel (called a cobrador), is the kid that packs everyone in and collects the money. Normally he has a little space in the side door.

    Image #2 - A young guard heading to work at the Despensia grocery store (opens at 7:00 AM). So glad he turned and looked back at me in the last second - it made the shot.

    Image #3 - There is a seedy area a couple of blocks away - with junk and disabled cars, trucks, transport trucks etc - littering the streets and yards of all homes on the street. I found this pile of junk interesting for some reason.
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    Rather you than me. That second shot makes my hair stand on end!
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