Black and White Hometown Pictures


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I live in Greenbelt, Maryland, US, which is a little suburb of DC that was built as a social project by the FDR administration in the late 1930s. Perhaps it has to do with the period-distinct architechture of the town, or perhaps it's just how I see it, but I find that almost every photo I take of it works better either desaturated or in black and white.

Here are some of my favorite B&W (or almost B&W) pictures of my hometown; please share your favorites of where you live.


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Excellent theme for a thread, Laserguy, thank you.

Love the play of light, especially, in that first one of yours - really nice. And the selective use of color in your second works wonderfully!


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I like your home town theme idea. I enjoy looking at the family albums from 40, 50, 60 years ago. At the time they were just everyday snapshots, but they can't be replaced nor duplicated. Nice photos.

Glenn S

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Wow, I love the clouds in that shot, Glenn! Was that a long exposure? Where was it taken?
Thanks Laserguy, it's an IR shot, taken with a 720nm IR filter fitted to my GF1, on a 40 second exposure. It's in Uphall in West Lothian, Scotland and is about one minute from my back door.


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Crikey Glenn, we're practically neighbours! I'm just one hop, skip and a jump away from you. Its a beautiful shot.

Cheers, Briar


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Wow some really beautiful photos here.

My 3 favourites are Laserguy's #2, ajramirez's last photo and Glenn S' photo.

Laserguy your #2 looks sooo cool! I don't know why but it just really appeals to me, perhaps because it looks really contemporary, kind of like the New York or London photos which are black and white except the taxi's or london buses - well done!

ajramirez - the last photo is really nice too, is it posted in full colour? But netherless I like how only the leaves appear in colour though, i guess it gives off this really contemporary look which i love.

Glenn I love the your photo, I don't know how you did it but i love how it looks painterly/like a drawing, possibly my favourite B+W landscape of all time :)


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Not quite my hometown, but not too far away

A shot taken last year of a quiet backwater in Salcombe.


Panasonic GF1 with 21mm, f/4 Voigtlander Color-Skopar