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    A day at a Renaissance Festival is a day of wonderful photo-ops! I spent Saturday at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas Texas - I go pretty much every year, sometimes several times a year. This year I shot with the Nikon 105/2.5 and the Vivitar 200/3 mounted to my E-M5 using a Lens Turbo. Shooting both with longer FL's and with MF lenses was quite fun.

    I figured out what I've been doing wrong when trying to get BIF shots... :cool:



    There's a story behind this shot... see paragraph after pic.

    This shot was somewhat emotional to watch as it developed. If you've ever been to Scarborough Fair and watched the Birds of Prey show you know that it's goal is primarily to educate, the entrainment is in the beauty of the birds. - For several years the Falconer has brought a child up from the audience and while explaining the connections of animals and humans had the child touch the bird (Eagle, Hawk, it varies) with it's hand. This young man was very frightened but with encouragement he eventually did put his hand on the Eagles breast. Speaking with his Mother after the show she explained, while wiping away tears, that her son has some confidence problems and how proud she was of him. They were taking phone pics which I'm sure are OK with the amount of ambient light there was. She asked if I got any (seeing the "Big" lens and camera I had)... and was most happy to have me offer them to her. It was a heart warming experience.

    EDIT: BTW, the Eagle isn't biting or hurting the boy, he is just checking out what is going on (as explained by the Falconer).

    They don't have to be flying to be awe inspiring

    This would be in the "other things" category :)


    And the Grand Parade
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