Birding at Hornborgasjön (lake Hornborga, west Sweden)


Mu-43 All-Pro
Birding at Hornborgasjön (lake Hornborga), in west sweden. Famous for its many birds, in particular the many cranes that stay here temporarily during their annual migrations. Saw also lots of goose and gull and other types of small birds. On the saturday they reported 22200 cranes!

Fantastic place, nice sorrounding country side with many barns with grass roof. We slept in one of them, making coofe on the Trangia kitchen (gas) on the morning. Thinking of capturing great sunset/sunrise shots but it was a very cloudy weekend so we have to wait with those shots. Some crane theme day this weekend also so they had some actitivites. Bus loads of people, norweigans, danish and others. Lots of caravans.

I even saw one guy shooting birds with m43 and the 14-42 lens. And some other guy having a 43 E-5 with some lenses and was really curious of my E-M5 because he wanted to buy a such, or the E-M1.




And now for some bird shots







Mu-43 All-Pro
thanks all! yes it was an amazing experince, very many of the cranes suddenly moved a few times. Like something was going on in the other end of the field. And one time they kinda walked a little to the shore. Binocular was good for feeling it live.