Best (pricey) adapted lense for MFT?

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by crashwins, Jun 6, 2013.

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    If this has been covered, please just link me to thread :)

    I'm about to head into flea market-ville this wknd and I've had luck before finding older lenses. Wondering what the best (and most expensive) performers are for MFT. I guess I'm hunting for the lesser-known ones as people who are holding Leica and Zeiss tend to know their value. Eg, my friend just grabbed a Konica AR 57 f1.2 for $50! God I'm jealous.
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    Doug Green
    IMHO, the best values are likely to be Konica Hexanon, and Pentax Screw-mount SMC Takumar glass, with the occasional Minolta Rokkor and Canon FD-mount lens as well. IMHO, you're less likely to find screaming bargains amongst Nikon and Olympus OM glass, as the better lenses seem to be priced that way with market having knowledge
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    Like you say, most anything with the name "Leica" or "Zeiss" on it is going to be valuable, but most sellers will know what they have so you're unlikely to find anything cheap. Also almost any f/1.2 (or faster) lens is also going to have value.

    It's not totally clear whether you are looking for good performers, "investments" or something you can flip for a profit, but a few other makes you might want to look for that generally sell for high prices are Angénieux (which might be M39 or c-mount), Contax and Cosina Voightlander. Another place where you can sometimes find steals is any Leica Screw mount (L39/M39) lenses from manufacturers that aren't necessarily associated with rangefinder cameras (e.g. Canon, Pentax, Ricoh or Konica) -- unsophisticated sellers will sometimes confuse these with much more common SLR-mount lenses and price them accordingly.

    Overall, value is going to be tied very closely to condition, so I would urge you to read this thread on how to evaluate lens condition.

    Good luck and happy hunting.
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    I don't know your friend, but I now hate him :biggrin:

    As to everything else, there are many lenses that are great performers; many many. Yes they probably have been covered here already.
    I think you are putting the cart before the horse however.
    You should 1st figure out what focal length range you are looking for then find the best lenses in that focal length.
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    If you want an excellent lens and don´t mind the price, I can highly recommend the OM 90mm f2 macro. It performs brilliantly on all apertures and all distances, only a tad longitunal CA at f2. Sharpness peaks at 1:10, f4. Nine-bladed aperture renders beautiful bokeh. A solid perfomer for a whole heap of subjects, only downside is a the weight, but that is just proof of proper glass and construction:)
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    I'm of the school where one who already has a stable of glass joins MFT to get more use out of the glass in hand ... I don't go looking for glass to adapt. I also see no sense in collecting stamps but some or obsessed with such stuff.

    Actually, at the last flea market I went to, some poor sap was selling for $50 a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F1.2 in very good condition they got from their dead relatives estate until I explained to them that the lens was worth considerably more money. I really don't like taking advantage of peoples ignorance or desperation.
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    HMMM, I think my last estate sale pickup was a Minolta Rokkor 55mm 1.7 for $5. With leather case. Last month it was a Pentax 28mm 1.7 for $10.
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    Me ether, But it ends up that way quite often. I just look for good inexpensive glass. Knowing I can adapt most anything to my camera widens the possibilities..
    For instance, I purchased a 75mm f/1.4C-mount lens instead of the Oly f/1.8 because it c-mount cost me only thirty five dollars an preforms great for me. Also I have a 55mm 1:1 macro lens in Canon FD mount because it cost me just fifteen dollars. It happens to be made by Kino precision and is a fantastic performer too.

    Yea, I don't understand why some people are obsessed with them ether, but if I can Pick up a book of old stamps that you have to wet to stick, for less than half the cost of buying new self sticking stamps, well then I'm doing it. That's just because .... I don't mind using stamps .