best camera settings on EPM1 for iso 1600 photos

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by colbycheese, May 16, 2012.

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    i have the kit lens for the epm1. what can i do to have the least amount of noise in the photos. what is the best settings for noise reduction and sharpening? I have noticed that my pictures are not as good as others at iso 1600. What can i do for the best images at this ISO?
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    The best solution is to shoot in RAW and then process the images yourself. The only one I've used (and love) is Lightroom, which was recently for sale for about $100. Then you can choose how much noise reduction to apply--understanding that noise goes hand-in-hand with detail, and you can't reduce one without the other.

    You can also adjust the in-camera level of noise-reduction used to generate JPG images, but I haven't played with this much because I almost always process the RAW images themselves. But you might just try turning up NR in the menu system and see how this works.
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    If you are shooting JPG's, Olympus tends to apply a little too much noise reduction and then overshapen. Try reducing the noise reduction to none or low. And then decrease sharpening by -1. The photo may be a little noisier than what you typically see, but will likely also retain more details, without being oversharpened.

    Or shoot RAW and run it through Lightroom like Mellow said! :)