Belitung, Indonesia

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    I'd like to share a some of the photos I took with my E-M5 and 12-50mm lens during last week's trip with my wife to Belitung island, Indonesia :smile: It was more of a "2nd honeymoon" instead of a photographic tour, nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy the pictures :biggrin:

    Oblivious. The weather wasn't ideal to photograph beach/sea scenery, but I like the people's poses here

    Part of a replica of an old school building used for filming of Laskar Pelangi movie. The success of the film (and the novel it was based on) significantly helped Belitung's tourism industry​

    One of the things I like about this island is that it has beautiful beaches that are still clean and quiet. Well, the island overall has "friendly small town" vibe. Nice break from busy city life.

    The weather was bad on this afternoon trip back from eastern part of the island. Here I was trying to "make lemonade out of lemons", so to speak.

    On the 3rd day, we went island hopping to the nearby smaller islands. Fortunately the weather that day was much better :biggrin:


    Separate ways


    The distant island with lighthouse is Lengkuas island. The lighthouse is quite a popular destination among tourists visiting Belitung.

    Not sphinx

    Off the beaten path

    Leaving paradise

    More photos are available here: Thanks for viewing! :biggrin:
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    Very cool!

    As an Indonesian myself, I have always wanted to visit Belitung. Thanks for the photos!
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