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Feb 26, 2014
The cheapskate in me pulled the trigger on a Chinese knockoff tripod. Wasn’t sure what I was going to get but figured it’s worth the risk because I’m not dealing with Ebay and shipment from China as it was on Amazon Prime from a US seller for only $80 after discount and I can easily return it if I’m disappointed.

My intent isn’t to sway anyone away from their choice of tripod just want to give feedback for those who are looking for alternatives because I was looking for this kind of feedback before I bought this thing and didn’t find much. I was looking to get a Mefoto Roadtrip originally as I liked all the features it offered but ended up getting a Beike BK-777 because it offers the same features for $110 less. They are not the same tripod if anyone is wondering, they both are made in the same city but do not have interchangeable parts. As far as I can tell only thing I’m not getting is a 5 year warranty, the tripod does have some sort of “VIP” warranty but the card is in Chinese as it is meant to be sold in China and not exported so don’t expect any warranty.

My concerns were the unknown build quality and no color choice, just the gold/bronze color. I can live with the color as it’s only an accent color. I’m happy to report that the build quality of the tripod is excellent, way beyond what I was expecting at this price. I can’t find any rough edges, poorly machined, rough powder coating or poor fitting parts anywhere. Everything on the tripod is made of Mg/Au alloy except for the friction pads inside the legs, ball head and the rubber covering the control knobs, the knobs are metal. Only place I noticed cheapness was on the carrying case and monopod belt clip thing where the logo is badly printed and stitching has strings hanging off it, but I could care less about that stuff.

The ball head is also very tight and smooth only annoyance I find is you have to hold the camera in place while you tighten it down or it will drift by a hair while locking it in. The ball head is overkill for m4/3 use but that’s not a bad thing in my book other than it adds some weight. The legs at full extension get a slight bend when the tripod is pushed down from the top but it’s not unstable. It’s probably not an ideal tripod at full extension on windy days either as it’s just too light. I’ve seen this on almost every 5 segment travel tripod just no way around physics of being able to fold into a compact 14” and still have the ability to extend to 60” so I can’t hold that against a tripod in this class.

I can’t say how it will hold up long term or to abuse as I don’t plan to use it extensively as I’m just a hobbyist and will get relatively little use versus someone who does this for a living. For the average hobbyist like me I’d highly recommend this tripod. People say you get what you pay for, in this case I feel I got a good tripod without paying for marketing, sales and support.

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