Beijing, China and a GF1

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    Hey Folks,

    This is my first time to share here. Recently went on a trip to Beijing, China with several coworkers and I was able to take a few shots along the way. Only had the Panny 20mm with me but I was able to borrow my friend's Oly 14-42 for the shots at the Great Wall. Anyway enough chitchat, here are the photos!

    Taken at Tiananmen Square. GF1 + 20mm

    Taken at the Forbidden City. GF1 + 20mm

    Taken at the Great Wall. GF1 + Oly 14-42mm

    Taken at the Great Wall. GF1 + Oly 14-42mm

    Taken at the Great Wall. GF1 + Oly 14-42mm

    Taken at the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium. GF1 + Oly 14-42mm
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