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Bedroom sunset

Discussion in 'Scenic, Architecture, and Travel' started by gardenersassistant, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. My wife and I live near Redcliffe Bay, which is a tiny bay on the English (south) side of the Severn Estuary. Several miles across the water to the north and around to the west you can see the coastline of South Wales and the cities of Newport and Cardiff, and to the north mountains rise up from the coastline. To the south west you can see the coast of North Devon. And between the coastlines of Wales and Devon there is a narrow water horizon, in which direction is the Atlantic.

    The prevailing winds blow in mild, moist air from the Atlantic, and bring a succession of weather systems up the estuary, with clouds often forming over the Welsh coast and mountains. For most of the year the sun sets over the water, which in combination with the cloud systems, and sometimes passing ships too, can provide nice photographic opportunities.

    It is (for me at least) a bit hit or miss as to whether there will be a nice sunset on any particular day. If the sky looks promising I may go off to the bay with my camera. When I recently got my G3 I was keen to test it out on sunsets at the bay, and on two days when the sky looked promising down I went to the bay. However, in both cases I had missed the best of it and by the time I got there the sun was rapidly disappearing behind cloud banks that would obscure the sunset. I got a total of 14 minutes of photography time - four minutes in one case (at which point it started to rain), and ten minutes in the other (until my wife phoned to get me to go home for an urgent domestic task that had come up). FWIW I will post a couple of photos from those short sessions in the next post.

    I have had one piece of luck though. From our bedroom window you can see the estuary. It is a bit of a narrow angle between a church on one side and neighbouring houses on the other, but at this time of year the sun sets in that gap. There are some wires and a couple of telegraph poles that mess up the view a bit, but they can be cloned out. The way the window opens makes things a bit awkward, but by holding the camera out of the bedroom window it is possible to get hand held shots.

    So, a day or two after I got the G3 I noticed the sun going down and decided to see how the G3 handled sunsets. It was too late to get down to the bay so I spent about 35 minutes taking pictures from the bedroom window.

    The panos were prepared in Autopano Pro. Most of them had at least one bad join along the welsh coastline. I have yet to work out how to use the apparently sophisticated tools Autopano has for dealing with difficult cases, so I did some quick and dirty Photoshopping to try to hide them, and also to remove the wires and telegraph poles.

    All the panos are single-row. The widest angle of view is about 90 degrees.

    Larger versions are available by clicking through to flickr (you can see these photos as a slide show here).

    0379 01 2011_08_22 P1050354 PS1c RoSelShad+NoLuSh75,48,0,0Cl900hSS35x0.3 Sa by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 02 2011_08_22 P1050361 PS1b RoCrClSelShad+NoLu45HiExDf7x30Sa-Ex900h by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 03 2011_08_22 [Group 1]-P1050362_P1050367-6 images V2 PS1 Cl600wSS35x0.3 by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 04 2011_08_22 P1050373 PS1a ClShad HiSa-Ex900hSs35x0.3 by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 05 2011_08_22 [Group 1]-P1050385_P1050388-4 images PS1 SelShadRoCrExClSelNoLuCo45,53SelSa-900h by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 06 2011_08_22 [Group 14]-P1050458_P1050469-12 images PS1a ClExSa1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 07 2011_08_22 [Group 20]-P1050526_P1050535-10 images PS1a ExWaNoLuCo45,52ClSa-1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 08 2011_08_22 [Group 3]-P1050536_P1050544-9 images PS1a1 ClSelExSaEx1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 09 2011_08_22 [Group 7]-P1050555_P1050563-9 images PS1a ClEx1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0379 10 2011_08_22 [Group 13]-P1050607_P1050617-11 images PS1 Cl1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr
  2. The first four of these are from the 4-minute session that was terminated by rain. The other three are from the 10-minute session that was terminated by a call from my wife (although to be fair the photographic opportunities seemed to be rapidly disappearing anyway).

    0376 1 2011_08_24 P1060087 PS1a ExGaCu Cr900hSS21x0.3 by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0376 2 2011_08_24 P1060105 PS1b RoEx900hSS19x0.3 by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0376 3 2011_08_24 [Group 3]-P1060107_P1060114-8 images v4 by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0376 5 2011_08_24 P1060118 PS1a4 ClCrExGa900hSS40x0.3 Ga by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0377 1 2011_08_25 P1060786 PS1 LensCrDf7x30Sa900h by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0377 2 2011_08_25 [Group 1]-P1060789_P1060798-10 images PS1a WaClCrShadCu1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr

    0377 4 2011_08_25 [Group 3]-P1060831_P1060840-10 images PS1a WaCl1600w by gardenersassistant, on Flickr
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