Bear butts in the woods

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  1. kiwirobfinland

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    Jan 31, 2016
    For my 40th birthday my wife sent me on a Bear watching trip to Kuhmo Finland.
    Three nights with Lassi Rautiainens Wildlifesafaris
    Waiting in hides in no mans land between Finland and Russia for bears wolverines and wolves to photograph. P724012029.JPG
    Base camp is a simple set of old wooden buildings. Basic but with good food clean beds hot showers WIFI and a sauna by a lake hardly ruffing it.
    Staff are friendly relaxed helpful and informative.
    Things are pretty straight forward dinner at 4:00pm travel to the hides at 5:00pm pick up
    from the hides at 8:00am the next morning.
    The hides are an easy short walk from the drop off point and for a small box in a swamp
    quite luxuries.
    There are three hide sites.
    Paradise hide open taiga bog
    Bad weather and poor light meant somewhat limited succsess for me.
    I saw five bears and four eagles on my first night.
    Lake hide a small forest lake P7240032new1580.jpg P72400861683.jpg
    Better weather and light meant better photos
    Caravan forest hill top
    weather and light were good
    but the only wolverine to show up was spooked by a passing thunder storm after only two minutes.
    The next visiter was a bear who arrived at 7:55am after i had packed up my kit ready to leave he appeared about five meters away so I had a bit off a mad rush to get my camera back out. I only got a few shots before he was sceared off by our ride.
    In all i got some great photos and got closer to wild bears then i ever thought i would.
    The luck off the draw meant i missed out on wolves.
    Sitting quietly in a box in a swamp for 14 hours to take a few photos may not be for everyone but i am planing to go back next year.
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  2. Hypilein

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Thanks for this. Sounds like something I would like to do aswell.
  3. kiwirobfinland

    kiwirobfinland Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 31, 2016
    The best time to go is June July. I am hoping to go for three or four days next July just got to work out how to pay for it .
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