Be Human First

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    From a regular section of the NYT in discussing one of the photos highlighted:

    This photo has taught me patience is key and that it is better to be a human first, rather than going in and trying to take photos of someone. I think Gordon Parks was very down-to-earth and very understanding of situations people were in. He was able to relate and was really good at being a human first and letting people understand what he was doing rather than trying to take the best photo.

    Not a bad philosophy for many things in life.
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    Thanks for the link. I admit, I'm not a big fan of sticking a camera in someone's face just because it's legal to do so. OTOH, telephoto sniper-ing also has it's ethical concerns. This has lead me to take most of my pictures of cows and flowers.
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    i didn`t know my default setting is non-human.