Basic questions about IBIS and OIS

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    New member with basic questions about IBIS and OIS:

    Will a panny OIS kit zoom on an Oly body (such as an e-pl5)
    lose it's OIS or does it work with IBIS active? Do they function with a net gain or actually fight against each other (assuming the Oly powers the OIS at all)?

    Would the focal length need manual entry in menu for IBIS?


    GREAT resource here. I wouldn't have committed to buying into mu-43 soon otherwise.
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    The two kind of stablizers cannot work together, one must be disabled. Generally the camera will give you the option of which stabilizer to use by default and you can change it in the menus.

    No you do not need manual entry of focal length for ANY native AF lens. The lens relays the focal length to the camera automatically. You only need to do that for manual lenses with no contacts.

    These lenses are designed to work quite smoothly mixing and matching brands. Not much to worry about.
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    Adding to the above, it's worth saying that whilst the new Oly bodies have a setting which determines the priority for image stabilisation, the older ones don't (e.g the E-M5). In this case, the lens's OIS is disabled automatically if the camera's IBIS is on. To use the lens's OIS, you have to explicitly turn off the IBIS.