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  1. peter124

    peter124 Mu-43 Regular

    All taken with EM5 and Panasonic 12-32.








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  2. 50orsohours

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    Oct 13, 2013
    Portland Oregon
    Fantastic shots! Love the first one.
  3. jjviegas

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    Apr 18, 2013
    Madrid, Spain
    Nice shots, I prefer the last one.
  4. jime

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Jonestown Texas
    Great shots, love them all and love the city, one of my favorites.

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  5. desmoface

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    Jan 16, 2012
    Awesome. I was fortunate enought to visit spain in the 80's, one of the most beautiful countries.

  6. emorgan451

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    Thanks for sharing. I will soon be taking my E-M5 and newly acquired 12-40 on a Mediterranean cruise with a stop in Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia. Did you feel constrained with 12mm at the widest? I hope to come away with good shots like you.
  7. nang3

    nang3 Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 15, 2013
    nice pics, we are heading thru Barcelona in about 3 months and will be taking my EM-5 and 14-140mm and maybe another wider lens like the Oly 12mm... did you ever find yourself needing wider than the 12mm?
  8. lightmonkey

    lightmonkey Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 22, 2013
    Gaudi is a genius,

    Theres a bit of (purple) fringing in some spots that could be cleaned up
  9. peter124

    peter124 Mu-43 Regular

    Thanks for the nice comments. It was my first time in Barcelona, but definitely not my last!

    Regarding the 12-32, I found that 12mm was wide enough for everything I wanted to shoot. Definitely a nice addition to field of view over the 14mm kit lens. I could have done with a wider aperture on occasion ... forgot to take my P20!

    Regarding the purple fringing, yes, it's very noticeable in some cases. Shot 3 already has had some defringing done in LR5. It mainly seems to be a problem at the shorter focal lengths. But overall I was very pleased with the 12-32, especially because it's so small.
  10. jmax

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    May 22, 2012
    Excuse me for adding pictures to your post but I think I got your last picture from the other side, ;)

    Congratulations for your pictures and original compositions. Barcelona have a lot of historical architecture interest, (apart from Gaudí) especially Born and cathedral area

  11. peter124

    peter124 Mu-43 Regular

    Yes, I think you did! Taken in the Born district, of course. Thanks for posting.

    I suppose on a first visit, Gaudi's work is going to be at the top of any tourist's list. But, yes, the Born and the Gothic quarter are very interesting as well.