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    Dec 26, 2010
    Took the opportunity to photograph the band Lubas while visiting Sheffield.
    As this was just prior to a gig and they needed to concentrate on rehearsals I tried my best not to disturb them with too much set up. Just told them to do their thing and made sure I had enough too to move around to get angles. The rehearsal room is at the back of a carpet warehouse and is fairly industrial, the lighting was all harsh 6000k fluorescent so black and white was really the only way to go.

    All shot with GX7, Pana 25mm, Voigtlander 58mm, 7-14mm Pana and Samyang 7.5mm. The whole m43 thing was new to them, which worked in my favour. Thinking I was just snapping away with a compact they just relaxed and ignored me.:smile:

    I'm pretty new to photographing live subjects but not new to bands, having performed in several, so what I aiming to capture here was the intensity and feel of performance.

    P1260471%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-24-21%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg P1260473%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-24-37%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg
    P1260480%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-27-57%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg P1260500%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-33-03%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg
    P1260510%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-36-20-XL.jpg P1260533%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-39-43%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg
    P1260536%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-40-26%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg P1260539%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2001-40-38-XL.jpg
    P1260737%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2003-25-37-XL.jpg P1260769%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2003-28-01%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg
    P1260776%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2003-28-47%20-%20Version%202-XL.jpg P1260592%20-%202014-06-03%20at%2002-01-22-XL.jpg
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