Bags - storage versus carrying

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    Camera bags have two possible purposes: storing equipment when not used and carrying equipment when used. If one always takes one's equipment with one, then the same bag serves both functions equally well. If, however, one selects the equipment that one needs for a particular trip and carries only what is necessary, the requirements of the two become very different. When travelling very light - a camera and one or two lenses, for example - it is possible to dispense with the bag entirely. Similarly, if one has one or two very large lenses, they can be stored and carried in their own bags. But, beyond this, how do people deal with this potential conflict of uses? How do people who do not take all their equipment with them for every trip (1) store; and (2) carry their equipment? I should be most interested to know.
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    I have a medium sized crumpler bag which is big enough for all my stuff (G5, E-PM1, 14-45, 45, 20, 7.5, 75) and it's also used for storage. I have a smaller bag to fit the G5 with two lenses.
    If I go with the E-PM1 and a small lens (lenscap lens or the 20mm) I just slip it into a pocket..
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    I would not own a bag that would not perform both functions equally as well. However, that is also why I have many bags. A bag for the occasion.
  4. I travel with a Pelican 1510 and a small camera bag. While in transit, the small bag actually serves to hold items for the trip itself. Once I arrive at my location, the 1510 is pad locked to something in the room. I pick and choose from the 1510 to my small camera bag as the trip progresses. There are many times on short trips, the pelican not only serves to hold my camera, but it is also packed with my clothes.
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    Hi James!

    My 'day shoot' bag is a Domke F3-X and my 'travel bag' is a Lowe Pro Nova 5 AW. I have a other bags/backpacks but the Domke and the Lowe Pro are the two most used. The Domke has no protection to speak of, the Lowe Pro can absorb quite a shock without jostling the gear. The Lowe Pro is only used when traveling by air or ship; the Domke works fine in an automobile. (I no longer ride motorcycles but a Lowe Pro 200 or 300 Sling Bag worked well for me when I did).

    That being said, these days I try to limit my 'daily carry' to a single body (E-M5) and a single lens (Panasonic 20mm), no bag required.

    For storage I have given up storing the kit in bags; I've dedicated a couple of cupboards that contain all of my gear. Gear that I use frequently is stored in a glass front cabinet in the bedroom, gear that is less frequently used is stored in a metal cabinet in the basement. I am fortunate in that humidity is not an issue in my area. Formerly I kept a 'grab bag' packed with a body and a couple of lenses and a flash close to the front door, but recently I've been carrying just the E-M5 and 20mm so have eliminated the need for the 'grab bag'.


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    I have a Hadley Small which holds all my m43 gear (E-M5 and 5 lenses); I use this for storage and also when I don't know what I`ll need: it's still light enough to carrry all day. When I know I'll need only 2 or - at the most - 3 lenses, or when I need to travel light, I have a Hadley Digital. The Digital is also fine if I don't need fast lenses: it holds my 9-18 and my 40-150. No room in there for my table-top tripod, though. And my X100 has its own National Geographic A1212, which I put on my belt, either in addition to one of the other bags (as backup), or instead of them.
  7. gsk3

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    Jan 29, 2012
    Second body (G5) just arrived, so I'm still figuring this out. I'd been keeping everything in a tiny camcorder bag before (GF3, P14, P20, O45, GorillaPod), and had another, bigger, bag for storage of the other things (legacy macro with adapter, legacy 135/2.8, Neewer flash, cheapie radio slaves). When I wanted to travel light I had a little pouch intended for P&S cameras that I could just fit my GF3 with 14 or 20 into. Now I think I might have to move to a much bigger bag for storage (which might help unite some of the odds-and-ends flash bits that didn't fit in the former bag, and use the bigger camera bag for when I want to take my full kit out with both bodies.

    I think ultimately the solution that makes the most sense is modular: have a P&S pouch for everyday use, a small camcorder bag for zoo trips and the like, a two-body bag that fits all my m43 lenses plus two bodies OR one body plus macro lens plus flash, and an advanced flash bag that fits flash plus light mods.
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    I have two camera bags, a billingham combo and a chrome niko (messenger style), that I use when I'm out and about. When I'm not using those bags to carry gear they are used to store camera accessories (i.e. neck straps, wrist straps, camera wrap, half cases, etc.). At home my bodies and lenses are stored on a shelf along with accessories that are used more often (i.e. hoods, cable release, magnifiers, grips, polorizers).
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    Jul 22, 2012
    I'm in the exact same boat. Just got a G5 and used to have a GF3 that I (tightly) fit into a LowePro TLZ-10. It worked with the kit lens and the 20mm f/1.7, but was not easy to close / open without things wanting to fall out. Now that I have the G5, I'm looking for something for daily storage of the 2 bodies, the lenses, a tripod, etc. Figure I can use the TLZ-10 for when I go out with either camera.

    One option that I had looked at the in past was an insert that other people had really raved about b/c it allows for the in-drawer protection of your gear, as well as something that could slip inconspicuously into a messenger bag. Here's the link to it on Amazon. Still undecided but not a bad option.
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    Nov 8, 2013
    operational storage is a French Oak cocktail cabinett for anything with glass or electrics (all those little silica bags head here too)


    tripods, lighting stands, etc and most bags are elsewhere, a few current bags are underneath.

    bags from Phototrekker AW down - they all find their uses over time eg the beautiful Black Leather E-System bag that came with the E400 kit in the UK is now re-born with the E-M1 and a few bits. Nova 4, Slingshots, Mini Trekker etc etc
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    Mar 18, 2013
    I have a Lowepro Passport Sling that I can stuff EM-5, 14, 25, 45, 75, 12-50,(all with hoods pre-attached) FL-600R, a crown royal bag (lol) filled with batteries and SD cards, gel set, ND+CP set, and a charger if I need to.

    Although all of this stuff can fit in the bag, but I rarely take all of it with me. Maybe if I am going on an epic trip or something. Rather, I usually only pack what I need.

    I avoid carrying the camera bag when shooting if at all possible. I wear cargo pants/shorts (sorry fashion people), or in the winter a fleece jacket with pockets, and I usually select 2-3 lenses and whatever accessories I need for the shot, and pack them on my body, rather than mess around with carrying a bag. The most common configuration currently is the 14mm on-camera (to start out with), 25mm in left jacket pocket, 75mm in right jacket pocket, SD cards and batteries in pants pocket.

    If feasible, I will keep the bag in the trunk of the car (with hatchbacks I don't like to do this), hotel room, office, or at home. Worst case scenario I end up carrying the bag, but I really like to avoid this.

    Not having to carry a camera bag is one of the primary reasons I use m43.

    I also have a bigass bag of lighting gear and modifiers, but that's probably outside the scope of this thread.

    I do not store my cameras and lenses in bags when not in use or for long term. If you do this, I would recommend getting some silica gel packs and refreshing them routinely.