Backpacking through Greece

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    I was looking for a lightweight but still highly capable camera system for a five week backpacking trip through Greece, and m43 delivered. Here's a sampling of some of my favorites, there are many more starting here:

    All taken with my Em-5, Oly 12-40/2.8, PL 25/1.4, Oly 45/1.8, and Oly 12/2.0.

    1-01 - 2014_08_21.jpg
    Guardians of Knowledge. The National Library, Athens.

    1-02 - 2014_08_23.jpg
    Larissa castle, on the distant hill, still looms over the fertile valley floor. Mycenae.

    1-03 - 2014_08_27.jpg
    Drydocked. Kalamata.

    1-04 - 2014_08_29.jpg
    The Good Life. Kalamata.

    1-05 - 2014_08_31.jpg
    Racking out on the ferry to Crete. The blue lunchbox I'm using for a pillow holds the lenses, I talked about it in detail here:

    1-06 - 2014_09_03.jpg
    Samaria Gorge, Crete. Hiking down through it is the common route, and I did that too, but really the views are better from above.

    1-07 - 2014_09_19.jpg
    Guarding the Ramparts. Kalambaka.

    1-08 - 2014_09_04.jpg
    Blue Frontiers. Crete.

    1-09 - 2014_09_07.jpg
    Casualties of Love. I attended a performance of Erotokritos, entirely in Greek of course. Some of the musicians look like hillbillies so it must have been very authentic.

    1-10 - 2014_09_09.jpg
    Cubic Icing. Cycladic buildings on Santorini. The entire island is the caldera rim of a huge volcano: just a narrow ribbon of land between cliffs and the Mediterranean.

    I had a few more I wanted to add but it seems there's a limit of ten. So you'll just have to go to my own page for the rest. Happy travels!
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