Backpack for Panny GM1, 2-3 lenses, tripod and personal stuff?


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Jun 15, 2014
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Hello everybody!
I'm new on the forum :smile:
The Panasonic GM1 is my 1st MFT camera, and I'm loving it :biggrin:

I've been started looking for a backpack; The camera is small, so I carry it in a normal small bag for everyday/random photography.
BUT, when I wanna carry all my stuff with me (lets say for a daily trip or a "photo day"), I wanna carry everything, and I find myself to just put the camera and the lenses randomly in a normal backpack. Not cool :eek:
So, I've looked up for several options, but I can't quite decide, so I hope someone can help me :)

1st, these are my requirements; the bag must have room for:
- GM1 with 12-32 attached, 20mm, 7.5 fisheye (and i'll probably buy a telelens in the future, maybe the 45-150 or the 100-300)
- Sirui T-005x tripod
- Accessories (spare batteries, filters, cables, ecc)
- Tablet
- Water bottle/bladder
- Personal stuff: food, a sweather or something like that

Plus I'd like a couple of more things:
- some kind of protection against water (like a coverage sheet, or waterproof...but I know it'd get more expensive)
- Waist belt for better weight distribution
- Laptop space could be an extra. I don't know about this; for daily trips it'd be kinda useless...but it'd be useful for longer trips.

So basically I'd like a 2 compartments backpack: one for photo gear, the other for personal stuff, some kind of protection against water and the backpack shoulg be not too big.

at the moment I've found some possible contenders:
- Lowepro Transit Backpack 350 AW
- Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW
- Kata KT DL-3N1-22 (or 20)
- Case Logic KSB-102

I'm also loving the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW and the Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L AW because of their nice features.
I'm actually more about urban/architecture photography, so maybe something like that could be too "extreme". There's also the possibility I'll make a trip to Maui in some months, so I should consider that as well.

Hope someone can clear my mind :biggrin:



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Apr 22, 2013
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I think you're looking at bags which are too large. Try Lowepro's bag finder:

Also, consider that backpacks are great for transporting your gear from place to place, but clumsy for shooting out of as you need to remove them to get to anything. A different strategy, which I use with my m43 stuff since it's so small, is to carry the camera and lenses in a small shoulder bag or in bags attached to a belt. Then keep your other gear in a normal backpack.

I like the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover i30, which will easily carry your camera, lenses, accessories and a tablet. The tiny tripod would go in your backpack.

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