Back in the M43 fold


Mu-43 Regular
Just a little happy to share that after a M43 hiatus, I couldn't resist the lure of a very well priced brand new E-P5 yesterday. Very happy now that I didn't sell all my lenses during my last big sell off.

Having used mainly Fuji X for a little while now, I have instantly found a new challange of learning the Oly menu again (Boy did it take a while to find the Super Control Panel without Google). Now for some E-P5 hints and tip searching.

I really have to get motivated to sell a whole lot of gear again to clear the way for some new beautiful lenses. Will be keeping most all my Fuji X kit though.

But first...

The go to song after a a new gear purchase...


Mu-43 Regular
So uh... how does it compare now to the Fuji?
Well, I used to have an E-M5, so it's very similar mostly. I think I can make use of the new high shutter speed, and will enjoy the quicker AF again.

I don't think the IQ is as quite nice as the Fuji, though I knew that prior to picking up the E-P5. And really, that's not a big deal at all most of the time. Under most conditions it's still very, very good. Most of the many comparisons out there between the two formats are valid and correct, and it comes down more to the feel and handling for me.

IBIS... WOW. That is noticeable straight away once again. Love it!

Shooting JPG, Fuji really does it for me. Otherwise I can get what I like with either from RAW, and the Oly still has quite nice JPG's.

Handling... Well my big hands work more naturally with the X-Pro and X-100s, though Fuji and Oly are both very tactile and having used DSLR's a fair bit, the dual controls on the E-P5 are sweet. It's no replacement for my Fuji X gear, though I much prefer the E-P5 to my NEX 5r in handling and in a system as a whole.

Ohhh. I've never liked how the Fuji X-Trans sensor deals with fine green detail, which is a big deal for me, and the thing I dislike the most about my Fuji's.

Lenses... Well luckily both M43 and Fuji have a really great glass.

Build quality / service / reliability? Well I can honestly say I've had quite a few cameras, and still do. The one and only single problem I've ever had is a faulty batter charger for the X100s (twice). They are both built nicely and feel substantial and sturdy. Cameras that feel too light just have no stability in my bear paws. Give me a little weight, though not FF DSLR weight.