Baby Spiders


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I was about to go through the garden gate yesterday and the sun glinted off a spiders web that was covered in frantic activity, when I looked closer I could see all these baby spiders rushing around then congregating in the middle.

Dash back to the house and grabbed the GF1 + 45-200 lens and this is the result.



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Wow - this is quite a fascinating view!:eek::2thumbs: The insect world is really all around us, but for most of us it's usually invisible, or close to it. I am not afraid of bugs.....BUT, I am not cool with spiders and centipedes.

I have been bitten by a tarantula, stung by a scorpion and a brown recluse (not all at once :smile:).

Last Sunday working in the yard a 8" centipede went up my arm (you never saw anyone jerk THAT fast). :eek:

So while everyone grabs their camera humming "the Circle of Life"......I'll be heading for the can of Raid. :biggrin:

Fascinating shot! Interesting that you used the 45-200 for that. I've done very little close up type work with that lens, although I did get a couple of fairly detailed flower shots with it when I was just playing around when it was new. Interested in roughly what distance you were from the subject(s) and about what focal length you ended up using?



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You got one very nice and intriguing shot there Ian. Thanks for posting it. Unfortunately, if it were in my backyard i probably wouldn't have gone for the camera but hairspray and a gas lighter:smile:

I've come very close to grief with deadly Redbacks and that has tainted my attitude to these many legged creatures. But hey, in a static picture they're fine!