Baby Spiders


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Dec 26, 2009
The Cotswolds, UK
I was about to go through the garden gate yesterday and the sun glinted off a spiders web that was covered in frantic activity, when I looked closer I could see all these baby spiders rushing around then congregating in the middle.

Dash back to the house and grabbed the GF1 + 45-200 lens and this is the result.

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Rich M

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Mar 2, 2010
315 I am not afraid of bugs.....BUT, I am not cool with spiders and centipedes.

I have been bitten by a tarantula, stung by a scorpion and a brown recluse (not all at once :smile:).

Last Sunday working in the yard a 8" centipede went up my arm (you never saw anyone jerk THAT fast). :eek:

So while everyone grabs their camera humming "the Circle of Life"......I'll be heading for the can of Raid. :biggrin:


Ray Sachs

Super Moderator
Apr 17, 2010
Near Philadephila
Fascinating shot! Interesting that you used the 45-200 for that. I've done very little close up type work with that lens, although I did get a couple of fairly detailed flower shots with it when I was just playing around when it was new. Interested in roughly what distance you were from the subject(s) and about what focal length you ended up using?



Mu-43 Hall of Famer
Jan 31, 2010
Cecil Plains, Queensland, Australia
You got one very nice and intriguing shot there Ian. Thanks for posting it. Unfortunately, if it were in my backyard i probably wouldn't have gone for the camera but hairspray and a gas lighter:smile:

I've come very close to grief with deadly Redbacks and that has tainted my attitude to these many legged creatures. But hey, in a static picture they're fine!

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