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    This sculpture is called 'Aviles' and, unsurprisingly, is in Aviles. It's on the side of the 'Ria' (an arm of the sea that has the fishing and industrial port at the end). It's more or less opposite the large red ship docked on the right in the aerial photo (not mine). As you can see it's three enormous cones ( 30m high and 20 tons each ). It's made of COR-TEN steel ( sometimes called 'weathering steel' ) which is an alloy that forms a stable rust over time that protects the metal and needs no maintenance. I like the way the relationship of the cones to each other changes as you move past.
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    Feb 7, 2010
    The Netherlands
    Hi Colin. Thanks for showing this art to us. I'm surrounded with all kind of art. Feels well.
    Great images.
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    A very eye catching sculpture which must be incredibly powerful, especially in person! It reminds me a bit of the spikes of a sea urchin.:smile:
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