Autofocus adapter?


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Apr 21, 2010
I'm curious about something.

There are a ton of adapters for various lens mounts for mFT mount. Most have no electronics and only allow for manual focus and stop-down metering. But only the Panasonic and Oly FT-mFT adapters have electronics that allow communication between the lens and the camera. Is there any particular reason adapters for other mounts can't be made to communicate between the camera and the lens?

There would of course need to be some translation, since mFT and EOS don't have the same "stop down to f/5.6" command, for example, but various companies have reverse-engineered those codes before with varying degrees of success. Because the register distance for mFT is so small, most adapters would have plenty of room for whatever chips and wiring were required. AF performance would be terrible, because none of these lenses are optimized for contrast-detect AF, but proper metering and accurate EXIF data should be doable...

I don't mind MF so much when using adapted lenses, but I'd gladly pay $200 for an adapter that auto-aperture and the like...


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Apr 16, 2010
I think its just not worth it for panasonic and oly to invest in this field.

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