At the Prospect Park Zoo with Alex g

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    I met Alex g at the Prospect Park Zoo. Weather was perfect. Blue skies, warm in the sun, no humidity. Alex brought a huge bag full of M43 and 43 lenses: The Olympus 300mm f4 Pro, 40-150 Pro, 35-100, 150mm f2. I brought the 50-200 SWD, Sigma 300mm f4 APO, Tokina 90mm 2.5, and Canon fd 100mm f2. All lenses were wonderful, but maybe the 40-150 Pro and Canon fd 100mm f2 were the lesser of the bunch. Best of all was the fun of meeting a great forum member in a great park with wonderful wildlife.

    First up is an Emu taken with the 50-200 @ f3.5, 200mm, ISO 400
    Next is a Dingo taken with the 50-200 @f5, 200mm, ISO 200

    This is a crane, taken with the 40-150 Pro @ f3.2 150mm, ISO 400 _SBA0449.

    Mongoose, taken with the 35-100 @ f2, 100mm, ISO 500
    Small bird, taken with the Tokina 90mm @ f2.5, ISO 500
    Peacock, taken with Olympus 300mm f4 Pro @ f5.6, ISO 400
    Baboon, 150mm @ f2.5 ISO 200
    Baboon, 150mm @f2, ISO 200
    Mixed Group, 50-200 @ f7.1, 50mm ISO 200
    Thanks Alex for a great day.
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    Mar 30, 2016
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    Likewise, thanks to @datagov@datagov for letting me mess around with his gear and providing indisputable evidence that there are actually real people behind all those member avatars... who knew? :)

    Originally I had envisaged a grand scheme in which we would make systematic, scientific comparisons between pairs of equivalent lenses, and later post helpful, informative results and conclusions on the forum for the general benefit of mankind. But in the end we just took pictures of animals, which was probably for the best all round. :)

    Anyway, here are my contributions from today — there is some overlap of subject matter, but there's a chance that my images will have been shot with a different lens, which may conceivably be helpful.

    I'm afraid I can't remember who this guy is, but it reminds me of Oskar the Grouch.
    E-M5 mk II + Olympus 300 pro, f/4 ISO640
    30187835301_5ca1d763ba_h. Oscar the Grouch? by Alex G, on Flickr

    To be consistent with @datagov@datagov , I too will call this one "Small Bird". ;)
    E-M5 mk II + Olympus 300 pro, f/4 ISO2500
    30273490495_a7d12f1c85_h. Little Bird by Alex G, on Flickr

    A baboon with attitude.
    E-M1 + Olympus 35-100. f/2.2 @ 88mm ISO200
    29642570043_031dcaac68_h. Baboon by Alex G, on Flickr

    Another baboon...
    E-M1 + Olympus 35-100. f/2.2 @ 100mm ISO200
    Baboon profile
    by Alex G, on Flickr

    A Pallas's Cat from Mongolia.
    E-M1 + Olympus 35-100. f/2.8 @ 100mm ISO200
    30237835246_69ea51bddc_h. Pallas Cat by Alex G, on Flickr

    A Dingo.
    E-M1 + Olympus 150. f/2.0 ISO200
    30272797435_968ae3cba2_h. Dingo by Alex G, on Flickr

    Red Panda caught during the five seconds when it wasn't sleeping.
    E-M1 + Olympus 50-200. f/4 @ 200mm ISO800
    30272788285_0ae0e4fa12_h. Red Panda by Alex G, on Flickr

    A mouse.
    E-M1 + Tokina 90mm f/3-ish ISO3200
    30157012102_f408a849a7_h. Mouse by Alex G, on Flickr

    Some timorous beasties — Mongooses to be more precise (disappointingly not Mongeese).
    E-M1 + Tokina 90mm f/3-ish ISO3200
    29642515403_d6ed98eb47_h. Mongoose by Alex G, on Flickr

    The Best Hair in Zoo Award goes to this magnificent and noble baboon.
    E-M1 + Olympus 50-200. f/3.4 @ 169mm ISO200
    30187114131_515dc67adc_h. Baboon 3 by Alex G, on Flickr

    Best Tail and Whiskers Award goes to the Marmosets
    E-M1 + Olympus 50-200. f/3.5 @ 200mm ISO500
    29641895264_9db1ccbbf0_h. Marmosets by Alex G, on Flickr

    And finally, @datagov@datagov sharing a few thoughts with a (very) distant relative.
    E-M1 + Olympus 50-200. f/4 @ 50mm ISO200
    30272838695_fb812fa298_h. Baboon connection by Alex G, on Flickr

    Top day out, must do it again, and this time we'll be systematic and scientific... ;)
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  3. alex g

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    Mar 30, 2016
    New York / Bath
    A few more images from the day...

    Demoiselle Crane
    E-M1 + Olympus 50-200. f/3.4 @ 158mm ISO400
    30031106500_14d1864c96_h. Demoiselle Crane by Alex G, on Flickr

    And couple more dingo pics - I think they are so photogenic and the light filtering through the foliage onto them was beautiful (first image has been cropped to portrait from landscape orientation)
    E-M1 + Olympus 150. f/2.8 ISO200
    29696895723_252ad1e52e_h. Dingo 4 by Alex G, on Flickr

    30327501765_1be7d06d8c_h. Dingo 3 by Alex G, on Flickr

    The "small bird" has been identified! It's a Double-Barred Finch, and here's another pic, this time taken with the Bokina. I love the way that lens treats the branches.
    E-M1 + Tokina 90mm at about f/2.8 ISO2000
    30241879641_2ed491f9c9_h. Double-Barred Finch by Alex G, on Flickr
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