At the Big Apple Circus in Boston

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    This was my first time to test the Panny 20mm/E-PL1 combo both on a bright sunlit day and in a really dark indoor environment. The combo performed spectacularly! Now, some of the images below are really just snapshots (especially indoors while the show was going on) because I cannot move around the venue, and the 20mm is too wide to get a better shot, but I think they can give you a glimpse of how good the lens is in a very dark environment.

    (Only the first picture was post-processed. Didn't want to anger the clown on his between-the-shows break, so it was shot from the hip. Had to crop, plus B&W conversion. All other else are JPEGs straight from the camera.)

    Warmth on a cold windy day:

    (Nothing special, but I love the colors on this one:)


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    Ah, I recognize "Grandma" the clown in the first pic. I caught the Big Apple documentary mini-series on PBS this winter (fall?). It was very interesting, though it focused a bit too much on the roadies, vs. the performers and their families, for my taste.

    I love the colors in the 4th pic.
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