Armed and dangerous... touch and you WILL pay!

Discussion in 'Nature' started by DHart, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Enjoying mid summer here in Apache Junction, Arizona. Images captured with the EP5 and Lumix 12-35 lens this afternoon...

    Nature arms these life forms so that they will be able to survive predators seeking moisture and nutrients in the brutal desert environment... they are stunningly beautiful and successful life forms...









    I was surprised to find that even cacti which has no visible armament indeed has nearly invisible thorns which will enter your skin and cause you great torment... even when you can't see them well enough to find them and pull them out! You can certainly feel them in your skin, though! Even when you can't see thorns of any kind on a cactus... touch these precious beauties and you WILL pay! After numerous exploratory attempts, I think I've FINALLY learned my lesson!


    We're staying here, at the base of the Superstition Mountains, in Apache Junction... living in our motor coach.


    View out our windshield, which changes hour by hour, as weather here doesn't come from somewhere else, it FORMS here behind these mountains... summer is monsoon and amazing electrical storms arise from seemingly nowhere at a moment't notice!


    My canine lad, constant-companion, protector, ever-present best-friend, enjoying the environment...



    The "away vehicle" (homage to Capt. Picard!)


    Speaking of the EP5.... I LOVE this camera. I use it with the VF-4 EVF. If Olympus could find a way to build an EVF into this magnificent body, with minimal changes to the form factor... that would be m4/3 heaven to me!
  2. If you go into Phoenix, pre-dawn, there is a glass clad building about twenty stories rotated 45 degrees from the roadway's grid. The building corners instead of being a corner are blunted by about two pane wide window panels. Predawn the building, as is the rest of Phoenix almost blacked out. As the sun rises the top floor corners are brightly lit while the foolrs below remain black. As dawn rises the column of light progresses to the ground floor while the main sides remain dark. The there is a momentary flash when the sunrise illuminates the ground floor and the main faces flash bright. Make sense? A have to see.
  3. DHart

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    Jan 7, 2010
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    lfmerrell... wow, that sounds amazing. Any suggestion as to the location?

    Now, if I can possibly get myself up and out of bed early enough to go see that.... hmmmmmm, it would be wonderful to see! :smile:
  4. Crdome

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    Don -Wonderful set. I especially love 1 and park vista below "Lad".
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