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    Dec 2, 2012
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    I'm on a business trip to Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Weather the first days was cold and rainy, but yesterday was quite nice. Sunny, cool, with a wonderful blue hour. I took the ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. It is an old colonial town built in the 1600's with a walled town center. Uruguay is super safe, many people speak English, and the low population mean many areas have lots of nature. The ferry takes an hour. It's a high speed catamaran. I noticed on the way back that the Ferries are Danish - probably the ferries that crossed the Oresund before the bridge was built. After I got back to Beunos Aires, I took a walk through Puerto Madera and caught some shots during the blue hour and later.

    All were shot with the EM1.2 and O12-40. Long exposures were handheld up to 8 seconds.

    Puerto Madera, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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  2. Very nice work Steve.
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  3. PacNWMike

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    Dec 5, 2014
    Salish Sea

    In my younger days I hitched from BA to Rio. Got picked up by those old cars in Uruguay like the one used as a "planter".
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  4. Doitdifferent

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Nice pictures, Steve. Makes me want to start looking to these places for my next holidays.
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  5. Web-Betty

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    Jun 16, 2013
    Wonderful images! "Handheld up to 8 secs..." how in the world do you manage that, lol?
  6. comment23

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    Aug 26, 2016
    Hampshire, UK
    Lovely deep blacks in those (the daytime ones, obviously deep blacks in the night shots!).
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  7. retiredfromlife

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    May 15, 2016
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    Love those street photos, very nice images
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  8. StefanKruse

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    Jan 28, 2015
    Great work with colours - really like the vibe/feeling you have in them.

    No pictures of the ferries :)
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  9. saladin

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    May 29, 2015
    Fantastic images, steve.
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  10. Gonewest

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    May 3, 2013
    Cornwall, UK
    Lovely compositions and colours. And I'm also impressed with 8 secs handheld. Top photos.