APS-C camera for wide-angle adapted lenses?

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    Feb 5, 2013
    mark evans
    I have an m-mount CV Snapshot Skopar 25/4, which is a joy of a lens to use. But I think I would make a lot more use of it as a 37 on an aps-c sensor than @50 on m43.

    Since there's no point sticking it on a big lump of a DSLR, and my ideal budget being about £150 for a body (no interest in native lenses), the possibilities seem to be 4.

    Ricoh GXR. Hard to source, bit expensive, though I used a GX200 for years so the Ricoh-ness appeals. But the focus peaking looks rather bonkers.

    Canon EOS-M. Handled one in a shop a while back, the reviews don't seem stellar.

    Fuji. Could part-exchange my O12 towards X-E1 or X-E2 in relatively nearby shop. No anti-aliasing filter etc, but since aliasing is a PITA in the digital audio world, I don't know if this is so good a thing.

    Sony. Nex 5R has a touch screen. I like a touch screen. But the NEX shape has never much appealed.

    So, I had what seemed like a bright idea, but now I'm just confused ha ha.

    Any suggestions?
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