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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by mattia, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Quick question:

    my girlfriend is off to Tanzania for a few months, and is only taking her newly acquired Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet along in the way of computing power. We have the SD card/USB host device set, which lets me browse camera SD cards and look at pictures, but I don't see a simple way to download selected shots onto the internal memory/microSD on the device itself. I have limited experience with tablets, and mostly with iOS devices (which are more intuitive in this regard because I have an iPhone).

    Anyone have suggestions for good free or paid apps that will allow downloading off a camera SD and manage in folders/albums and whatnot? I've installed Snapseed for the basic processing, it's the management end (as simple as possible) that I'm looking for.
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    I recommend Nexus Media Importer, paid version. It was created for the Nexus 7, but works great with my Galaxy Tab 3. I also like Quickpic app rather than the Gallery for organizing photos on my G-Tab.

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    Nexus media importer, as mentioned above is great and makes the process easier, but you don't need it for the Note 10.1. If you open the My Files app, navigate to the files you want to copy, select the files (the box at the top is select all) and then hit the copy button (little double pages at the top right). Then select the location you want to copy to and paste them there ( same icon).


    P.s. The 10.1 is a fantastic tablet.
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