Apologies offered

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  1. I want to apologize to You all for the problems I had with posting my pictures in the latest challenges.
    Normally I post them from my office (sometimes I have a few minutes between patients, and then I can process my images). Recently the main firewall in the hospital has been changed, and I believe that this is causing problems with uploading pictures to his forum. From now on, I will only post them from home.
    Again, apologies offered.
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    No biggie Zeus
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    John S.
    We're good Zeus1. Only one thing: I did not see any entry from you for PP#69. I assumed you were busy or something. If you posted an entry, I am sorry I did not see it and so did not include this in the judging. I was actually begging for more entries.


    John S.
  4. Didn't participate: the other "regulars" beat me to the best PP possibilities :smile:
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    so not a big deal goober :)