Anyone used a Loupedeck / Loupedeck plus with PS / LR


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Jun 10, 2011
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Having always shot and posted exclusively in jpeg and almost certainly returning to exclusive use of M43 (from M43 and Fuji) I’d like to make the most of the available image quality so am going to try to get my head around shooting and processing in RAW
To make things easier and quicker I am considering a Loupedeck / Loupedeck + (circa £220.00 UK) which are editing consoles with sliders and dials for the various settings
Has anyone here ever used one and if so could you kindly impart any opinions and experience you have re same
I would also appreciate knowing the differences on the more recent Loupedeck plus and knowing what level of compatibility there is with PS
Any insight would be very much appreciated
Oct 4, 2015
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I have been using a Loupedeck+ for about 12 months to edit my LR images. I like the control the various knobs and buttons provide and it has increased my workflow speed. The console’s app allows you to map some of the buttons to suit your workflow. I haven’t tried the console with PS so cannot speak to its use with this app. I opted for the Loupedeck+ as the reviews said it had a better build than the Loupedeck console.


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I’m also using the Loupedeck+. It took me a few days to work out how to integrate it into my flow along with he keyboard and touchpad on my Mac, but it’s pretty fluid now. I resisted the original model because of some limitations (although I can’t recall what they were). It doesn’t replace your keyboard/mouse, as not every function is supported. For instance you cant select any of the LR filters or access the geometry section with the Loupedeck+.

But it’s really sweet to just twist dials for the Basic controls, Details and the colors.
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