Anyone try HP Instant Ink Subscription?

Discussion in 'Printing' started by tkbslc, Feb 8, 2016.

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    My printer died again. Seems like I only get 12-18 months out of them lately since they must be built to self destruct. At any rate, I was looking at HP and stumbled across their "Instant Ink" program. Basically you pay $3-10 a month and you can print X number of pages and the ink is included. They ship you jumbo ink cartridges and keep new ones coming in the mail as soon as they run low.

    Anyway, the part that intrigued me was that a page counts as anything with any coverage. Print one line of text? One page. Print a full page photo on glossy paper? 1 page.

    From the FAQ:

    I think I'm going to give it a try. The $3 plan gives me 50 prints a month and it is only $1 per additional 15 pages. That's about 6 cents a page. 6 cents for a 8x10 photo! It probably cost me about $1 worth of ink to print one now. So not only will it be cheap to print, but I will be pre-paying so I'll be doubly encouraged to print more of my work. That is if the kids don't use them all up printing unicorn coloring pages first! :doh:

    Here's a link to the details in case anyone else is interested: HP Instant Ink | HP® Official Site - Sign up here
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    Well I bought a basic Hp Envy 4520 printer and I am trying out the program. I have confirmed that I can print a full page photo and it only charges me 1 page. I printed two 8x10's tonight, and my usage is at 2 pages. The printer comes with a 3 month free trial of up to 300 pages a month, so you can do a lot of printing for free, but you have to enroll the cartridges it comes with within 7 days for the trial offer.

    The annual cost on the $5 plan is about what I paid for one set of cartridges for my Canon that just self destructed. On the $3 plan, well if you printed two 8x10 photos a month, you'd break even over going to Costco for 8x10's. I am really excited about the freedom to print at home and not worry about the cost.

    That said, I think the printers on the program are pretty average. They aren't that high end. The photo quality is good, but if you are extremely demanding and a color-matching perfectionist, you will probably not be satisfied. The printers are all 2 cartridge units and don't have the extra photo black or grey (or even extra colors) like the high end photo printers. They also don't have anything bigger than a 8.5x14 page size.

    The other interesting fine print is that HP owns your cartridges. If you miss a payment, you can't print with the ink! (You could buy some off the shelf and print with those, though, so they don't lock the printer, just the ink) When you quit the program, you have to return the cartridges. Makes sense though, otherwise you could quit and print with all that free ink you just got.
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