Anyone Panasonic body users have the Olympus 12-40 ?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by justa1972, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. justa1972

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    Jun 29, 2013

    I've just bought the G80 but I'm thinking about swapping the 12-60 with the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 pro - does anyone else use this lens on their Panny bodies ?

    Just interested in the opinions of users...

  2. Turbofrog

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    Mar 21, 2014
    I think @T N Args@T N Args does, if I'm not mistaken, having used it with the GX7.

    Prior to the GX85, I think most Panasonic users might have been a bit hesitant to go for it instead of the 12-35 since Panasonic's IBIS implementation was not as strong as Olympus', and the 12-40 doesn't have optical image stabilization the way the 12-35 does.

    Now with the G80 I wouldn't think twice about it, really, it should be totally fine. Image stabilization may be a little bit behind what you're get with the Dual IS system compatible with the 12-35, but if you like the size, features, and optics of the 12-40 more, then I can't see much in terms of disadvantages.
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  3. ahinesdesign

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    I have the 12-40 and use it on a GX8. Works great, better than it was on an EM5. IBIS on the GX8 isn't as effective, but should be better on GX85. Focus is fast and accurate. I had the 12-40 when I bought the GX8, otherwise I might have opted for the 12-35 to take advantage of dual-IS. Size and image quality are so similar it doesn't make sense to switch...
  4. justa1972

    justa1972 Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 29, 2013
    I'm a bit confused with the dual IBIS - do all lenses work with it but only a couple work with the new IBIS mrk 2?
  5. Surfing Monkey

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    Jun 27, 2015
    Only Panasonic lenses with in lens OIS support the Dual IS, and currently only 2 lenses (12-60 & 14-140 II) support the Dual IS 2 on the G85/G80. Firmware update should be available for more lenses soon.
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  6. T N Args

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    call me Arg
    Actually I bought it in a kit with my E-M5 II, and haven't tried it on my GX7. Sorry!
  7. hemuni

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    Jun 18, 2014
    I think Panasonic have been somewhat optimistic, in regards to which lenses are actually upgradable to dual is. I would base my choises on the lenses that are currently compatilbe.