Anyone Notice video sound problems with Win 10 Creators update?

Discussion in 'Video Post-Production' started by GBarrington, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Last week, I upgraded Win 10 with the Creators update, and then It was a day or two later that I upgraded Camtasia to 9.0.4 (build 1948). My point being I didn't do any sound work on my new project during that space between updates. Up til then, after some initial set up difficulties, I've had some good results with Camtasia sound.

    However, Once I started to do some narration recording (after the updates), I noticed some VERY weird "drop outs" in the voice recordings. The sound would be great for a bit and then it would go flat and sound as if I had water in my ears, but then come back to normal after a second or so. and then come back to the underwater sound again randomly.

    I note that I have THE EXACT same issue with both Audacity, and ACDSee's Video Studio 2, so I don't think whatever is causing this is unique to Camtasia.

    My immediate suspect was a bad microphone headset, it was pretty old, so I bought another, and I still have the problem. The only thing I can think of is Win 10 itself. It and Camtasia were the only two changes to my computing environment since I noticed this issue.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue with the Creators Update? I'm not sure how to proceed further? Could I have TWO bad microphone headsets? Would one of those USB driven headsets be a better choice for Win 10?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    FWIW, I cross posted this to the Techsmith user's forum and got some hits to the above post. It seems this is a known flaw in the Win 10 Creators Update. And until either Microsoft fixes this issue or the sound card producers give up on a Microsoft fix and write new drivers, this issue will continue to hold the video software hostage to corporate finger pointing. My advice is to NOT update to Creators 10 update if you rely on recording audio to files on a Windows PC.

    I also did an uninstall of the Creators Update, returning it to the previous version, and everything now works properly. I used the instructions I found at this web site:

    Apparently, in addition to the 'regular' audio problems, there is also a known incompatibility between Creators update and the Realtec High Definition Audio driver, which can ONLY be resolved by uninstalling Creators 10 update.

    The only problem I had was I couldn't FIND the Update & Security section of Settings even when I did a search, however I found it when I did a search on "Recovery". I suspect Microsoft is hiding it from casual users! Everything is back to normal not only with Video Studio 2, but with Audacity and Camtasia, as well. I am a happy camper,
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  3. FWIW, the 'update and security' section of settings still shows up in the usual place after the Creators update on my machine. Sorry to hear about your audio problems, though.
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