Anyone familiar with John Free? (

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    Anyone familiar with John Free? ( He's a longtime street photographer in Los Angeles, and does workshops in different places (I guess many in LA). I randomly found some of his Youtube videos recently, and now am considering doing one of his workshops-

    There's a real frankness and simplicity to his manner and what he talks about that I really like (I think the same can be said for his photographic approach and his photos.) One of my favorite photography quotes is from him (I think it's someone's sig here?)- "You gotta hook the heart to the camera."

    Some of his workshops are film only (specifically a manual SLR + a 50), others are flexible in whatever the person chooses. I would probably ideally bring both a film and digital, having just bought a Pentax MX on EBay for cheap (I had some Pentax manual lenses lying around, the MX is small enough that I might actually carry it around and use it!)

    Besides the organized workshops, he does private workshops around LA. I don't know if the price is the same for 1 person or 3-4, if a couple of others here were interested I could find out about a small group rate.
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    I like his videos, have been subscribed to his youtube channel a while now. I too appreciate his frank tone. Pity I don't live in LA anymore, I would be so down to do a private workshop with him.
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    Malaysia's not too far away! ;)
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